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Symposium on Education and the Uyghur Diaspora

Symposium Agenda
8:00-8:30 Refreshments and Registration

8:30-8:45 Opening Remarks

8:45–10:15: Session A

Challenges and New Opportunities in Uyghur Education
Chair: Rebecca Clothey, Drexel University

1. Nabijan Tursun, Radio Free Asia, USA, “Formation and Development of Uyghur Modern Higher Education and Uyghur Scholars Elites
2. Mettursun Beydulla, Independent Scholar, USA, “Education Among Uyghurs at Home and in the Diaspora: Past, Present and Future Prospects
3. Selime Kemal, Australian Uyghur Language School, Australia, “Following our Forefather’s Footsteps: A wave of Opening Schools (1985–2005)
4. Abdulhamit Karahan, Uyghur Academy, Turkey, “Activities of Uyghur Academy and its Impact on Diaspora Uyghurs
5. Rushen Abbas, Campaign For Uyghurs, USA, “Maintaining Uyghur Language Consistency

10:30-Noon: Session B

Uyghur Mother Tongue Transmission Across Generations
Chair: Erkin Sidik, NASA Jet Proportion Laboratory

1. Eset Sulayman, Radio Free Asia, USA, “Uyghur Mother Tongue Education and the Generation Gap in the Uyghur Diaspora Communities in the West
2. Tahir Imin, Independent Scholar, USA, “A Struggling identity of New Generation between Politicised Compulsory Education and Uyghur National Education through Private Schools and Childrearing
3. Zubayra Shamseden, Uyghur Human Rights Project, USA, “Challenges of language transmission among Uyghur children living abroad
4. Irade Kashgary, Ana Care and Education, USA, “Preserving a Mother Tongue: Experiences of an Uyghur Language School in America

12:15-1:30 LUNCH

1:45-3:15: Session C

Cross-Cultural Transmission of Uyghur Culture
Chair: Rishat Abbas, Pfizer

1. Dolkun Kamberi, Independent Scholar, USA, “Overview of Central Asia Programs in American Universities
2. Gülnisa Nazarova, Indiana University, USA, “Uyghur Language Teaching at Indiana University
3. Selime Kemal, Australian Uyghur Language School, Australia, “Uyghur Language school experience in Australia
4. Mustafa Aksu, Indiana University, USA, “State of Uyghur Language Teaching Materials in the US: Government-Funded Projects

3:15-3:30 Closing Remarks

3:30-5:00: Post-Symposium Social

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