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The Uyghur Academy is a legal academic organization that is established to promote partnership among Uyghur scholars, to support the enlightenment of Uyghur national sense and preservation of Uyghur culture, and to assist the increasing number of Uyghur specialists in important scientific fields. The organization aims to establish a “Uyghur Research Center”, with an ultimate goal to upgrade it as “Uyghur Research Institute” capable of preparing researchers in various fields.

The Academy undertakes the essential tasks to realize its goals and objectives with the assistance and collaboration of Uyghur scholars from Uyghur Region and abroad. Therefore, the Academy invites Uyghur intellectuals (Undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. students) to become its members. The identity of the Academy members will be kept secret, and will not be released in any occasions without the consent the member (In necessary cases, the academy will actively reach out to the member to ask for consent).

The Academy members will dedicate their time, provide financial assistance, and make necessary efforts to undertake the mission of to contribute to the enlightenment of the nation through science and education, to the awakening of national sense and pride, to the preservation of national identity and culture, and to safeguard the Uyghur national interests.

There are three types of Uyghur Academy membership:

1. Uyghur Academy Council Members

Uyghur intellectuals with a Ph.D. degree from universities in the Uyghur Region or abroad who applied for Uyghur Academy membership will become an “Academy Council Member”. The members of this category will assist Uyghur students in their country of residency with finding educational opportunities, and organize Uyghur intellectuals in planning academic activities.

Eligible candidates should provide their resumes alongside the completed application form for Uyghur Academy Council Membership, and send it via e-mail to the following address. 

(Uyghur Academy Council Membership Application Form)


2. Uyghur Academy Member

The applicants with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from various institutions will be admitted as Uyghur Academy Members. This group accounts for the majority of young activists that are essential for the continuity and success of the Academy’s activities.

Eligible candidates should send the completed application form for Uyghur Academy Membership via e-mail to the following address.

(Uyghur Academy Membership Application Form)


3. Uyghur Academy Candidate Member

The applicants who are enrolled in higher education institutions in Uyghur Region and abroad will be admitted as Candidate Members, and will be given opportunities to networking, to acquire team-work skills through monitoring and actively participate in various activities.

Eligible candidates should send the completed application form for Uyghur Academy Candidate Membership via e-mail to the following address.

(Uyghur Academy Candidate Membership Application Form)


The Uyghur Academy encourages Uyghur intellectuals to recommend and become proper members of the organization, and take their part in realizing the Academy’s noble goal – the rise of Uyghur nation.

Uyghur Academy Representative

The Uyghur Academy Representatives are selected from the existing group of active members. The representatives are authorized personnel of the Uyghur Academy in specific countries, and will be responsible for processing membership applications, collecting membership fees, and organizing academic events for students and intellectuals among other activities.

– The Uyghur Academy Standing Committee

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