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East Turkistan

1) East Turkistan Republics Founded in XX. Century

First Republic: The East Turkistan Islamic Republic was established in Kashgar on 12 November 1933.
The President was Mr. Hoja Niyaz HAJI and the Prime Minister was Mr. Sabit DAMOLLA.

The founder of the first East Turkistan Republic is Mr. Sabit DAMOLLA.

This republic had survived for 3 years and was destroyed in 1937 by the cooperation of the Chinese militant Sheng Shicai and the Chinese Hui Muslim Ma Zhong Ying. President Mr. Hoja Niyaz HAJI and Prime Minister Mr. Sabit DAMOLLA and were killed by Chinese militant Sheng Shicai.

Second Republic: The East Turkistan Republic was established in Gulja on 12 November 1944. The President was Mr. Alihan TÖRE and the Prime Minister was Mr. Ahmetjan KASIMI.
The founder of the second East Turkistan Republic is Mr. Alihan TÖRE.

This republic had survived for 5 years and was occupied by the Chinese Communist Party in 1949, who had the support by Soviet Union.
This time, President Mr. Alihan TÖRE and Prime Minister Mr. Ahmetjan KASIMI were captured by the Soviet Union and killed by Stalin.

2) Total Population of East Turkistanians: approximately 25 Million

Total Population of East Turkistanians in Abroad: approximately 1 Million

The total population of Uyghurs in East Turkistan: approximately 20 Million

The total population of 12 indigenous ethnic groups in the East Turkistan: Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tatar, Salur, Tajik, Dongan (Chinese Muslims), Mongol, Shibe, Manzhu, Russian, and Dagurs: approximately 4 Million.

3) Area Size of East Turkistan: approximately 1.828.418 Km2

4) East Turkistan Map

Swedish archaeolog Sven Hedin visited East Turkistan many times between 1927 and 1935 and conducted archaeological and sociological researches. The above map of East Turkistan was drawn by Sven Hedin himself at a ratio of 1: 7 miles. According to the map engineers calculate, the area size of East Turkistan is 1,828,680 km2.

5) East Turkistan Flag (Standart Colour Code: 65B7FF#)

6) East Turkistan State Emblem

7) East Turkistan National Enthem

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