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Tevfik Fond

Uyghur Academy Tevfik Fond

The Purpose of the Fond

It’s a fact that there are outstanding students with financial difficulties in the Uyghur Region and abroad, for whom a collective financial assistance is needed. Even though some efforts were made in this regard, the strong demand and expectancy from the public remained unmet, due to their discontinuity and intermittence. There are students who failed to obtain diploma and remained unemployed, simply because of failing to pay their tuition. This situation deeply saddens us and is definitely worth our attention.

In order to assist outstanding students with financial difficulties, the Uyghur Academy officially created “Tevfik Scholarship” in 2012.

Areas of Application: Uyghur students from the Uyghur region and abroad, with good academic standing and need financial assistance.

Eligibility Requirements: Uyghur Students with good academic standing and virtue, and in need of financial assistance.

Note: the applicants will be required to present their projects and action plans in an academic field that are beneficial for the Uyghurs or relevant to his/her area of specialization.

Donation Acceptance Policy: The Uyghur Academy will never release the contributor’s name to the public unless asked otherwise, and will provide the contributor with detailed report and proof regarding the usage of the fund. We sincerely hope contributors to contact us and assist our students within their financial capabilities.

The Uyghur Academy Standing Committee


1. Bank Account

2. Uyghur Academy’s Paypal account email:

Tevfik Scholarship

For the past 7 years, the Uyghur Academy has received affirmations and support for its efforts from Uyghur scholars, specialists, intellectuals and university students from the Uyghur region and countries all over the world.

In order to support increasing number of competent Uyghur youth to join the academic society, the Uyghur Academy established the “Tevfik Scholarship” with the help of Uyghur communities abroad that are supportive of education, and awarded 2 undergraduate, 17 master’s and 9 Doctoral, a total of 28 financially-constrained students in 2014,2015 and 2016 academic years.

The “Tevfik Scholarship” has been a great relief for promising students with financial difficulties since its creation. With the support of contributors, the Uyghur Academy continues to award the scholarship for 2016-2017 academic year.

The applicants should meet the following eligibility criteria:

1) Must be a self-funded student enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral program at a university in Turkey.
2) Hadn’t received scholarship or financial aid from any government entity
3) Should be in good academic standing, demonstrate exemplary conduct in social relations, and actively and voluntarily participate in academic activities organized by the Uyghur Academy.

The eligible applicants should send the following materials directly to the Uyghur Academy via mail or email:

1. “Tevfik Scholarship” student application form
2. Certificate of enrollment (Student ID)
3. The most recent transcript
4. A copy of passport
5. A copy of Turkish Residency Permit
6. Resumé
7. Statement of purpose, plan of study, and post-graduation plan
8. Two letter of recommendation (one from academic advisor, and the other from an Uyghur community member successful in his/her academic field)
9. Previous awards and accomplishments (foreign-language proficiency certificates, computer skills test results, published papers, etc.)
10. Written statement expressing the applicant’s non-receiving of any scholarship or financial aid from any government entity

Scholarship Amounts: 
Doctoral Students 400 Turkish Lira
Master’s Students 350 Turkish Lira
Undergraduate Students 300 Turkish Lira

The students that are awarded this scholarship for current academic year, may apply for the next academic year according to their academic records and accomplishments.

Application deadline for academic year 2016-2017: October 31st 2016

Please contact the scholarship office at:
Phone: 05306677851

-The Uyghur Academy “Tevfik Scholarship” Evaluation Committee

Tevfik Scholarship Statistics

Year        Master’s         Doctoral            Bachelor’s

2014           5                   2                        –

2015           8                   2                        –

2016           4                   5                        2

Total         17                   9                        2


Tevfik Fond Bank Account

Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası

Account Holder: Uluslararası Uygur Akademisyenler Derneği

Account Number : 1104815-1

Certificate Number : 011048150001000

86 – Fındıkzade Şube

IBAN NO: TR 9200 2060 0086 0110 4815 0001


Please contact the Uyghur Academy regarding donations at:

Uyghur Academy

Address: Şehrimeni Mah. Börekçi Veli Sok. No: 38/4  Fatih, Istanbul / TURKEY

Mobile Phone: 05306677851



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