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Panel on “New Chinese Imperialism and the Chinese Threat to Humanity” was held in Ankara

In cooperation with the Uyghur Academy Foundation and the East Turkestan Research Foundation, the “New Chinese Imperialism and the Threat Awaiting Humanity Panel” was held in Ankara on Thursday, June 30, with the participation of nearly 60 East Turkestan friends, consisting of Turkish Parliament Members, Journalists, Academics, Writers and NGO Representatives.

In the panel chaired by Professor Erkin EMET, Firstly, Hacettepe University Assoc. Prof. Erkin EKREM made a presentation on “CCP Leader Mao Zedong’s Policies Against East Turkistan Independence”. Then, President of the Uyghur Academy Foundation Dr. Ferhat Kurban TANRIDAĞLI made a presentation on “The CCP’s Juggling: The New Chinese Imperialism and the Waiting Chinese Threat to the Humanity”. Finally, Yıldız Technical University Assoc. Prof. Ali ÇAKSU gave a presentation on “What Can Be Done to Prevent the Uighur Genocide?”

Our panel, which lasted for 2 hours, ended with a question and answer session. The participants, consisting of Turkish MPs, NGO and Political Party representatives, academics and journalists, expressed great concern about the threat to Humanity of the 101-Year-Old CCP-ruling China, and stated that they would make serious efforts for East Turkistan to become independent as soon as possible.

CCP Stop Genocide in East Turkestan!

CCP Stop Killing Innocent People!

CCP Out of East Turkestan, Tibet and Hongkong You Occupied!

Xi Jinping Must Go!

No to the CCP!

Fascist Xi Jinping, Fascist China!

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