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Abduhalik Uyghur (1901-1933)

Abduhalik Uighur was born in Turpan 9 February 1901, his father brought young Abduhalik with him traveled to China, Russia, Finland. After observed the political systems of other nations, he try to use his poems to wake up the Uighur. He organized the Turpan Revolution Central Commitee, not long after that he was persecuted by Shing-Shi-Chey.

Wake up!

Abduhaliq Uyghur

Hey, poor Uyghur, wake up, enough sleep you have had,
You have nothing but your life which is at risk so I’m sad.
If you don’t rescue yourself from this probable death,
Ah, your end will be looming, will be very, very bad..

Get up! I said, raise up your head and stay awake!
Behead your enemy , spill his blood for your sake!
If you don’t have a very good look all around you,
You will die in regret, there be no way you can take.

Already, your body looks lifeless, to my surprise,
Is that why you’re not worried and did not rise?
You‘ve remained in silence and ignored my calls,
Is death what you are seeking at such a low price?

Open your eyes wide enough to have good look around,
Think about your future and listen to the world’s sound.
If you ever miss this unrepeatable, very chance or time,
I am sure; with a bad luck your future will be bound.

Hey, my beloved Uyghur, I cry for you and pity you,
You are my love, my brother and sister, my all, too.
With my love here I am calling and waking you up,
But you are not hearing, what are you going to do?

There comes a day on which you will have to regret,
On that day, what I have said now, you can’t forget.
Whatever you will say or you want, it will be too late,
Then you will realize what Uyghur (the poet) meant…

1921, Turpan
Trenslated in English By Anwer Palta

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