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Training Course on “The International Situation and the Ways of National Struggle” was held in Istanbul

Aimed at cultivating outstanding young people,the first two – day training course on “the international situation and ways of national struggle” was held in the office of Uyghur Academy in Bahcelievler District of Istanbul from Dec.12 to Dec.15, in 2019. 14 young Uyghurs receiving education in the universities of Turkey participated in this training course. The executive chairman of Uyghur Academy Mr. Abdulhamit Karahan presided over this course. The opening ceremony started with the East Turkistan national anthem. The chairman of Uyghur Academy Alimjan Inayet made the opening speech.

Professor Dr. Alimjan Inayet talked about the purpose of this training course and the influence of the last course on participants and the society, as well as the meaning of this course. He also pointed out that such courses would be held continually.

In the section of international situation of this course, the leader of East Turkistan movement and the president of World Uyghur Congress Mr. Dolkun Isa, Representative of World Uyghur Congress in Japan and the President of Japan Uyghur Association Mr. Ilham Mahmut and researcher in Columbia University and the council member of Uyghur Academy USA Dr. Memet Imin  gave speeches on “Europe-China relations and the Uyghur issue all over the world,” on “Japan-China relations and the Uyghur issue,” and on “U.S. – China Relations and the Uyghur Issue,” respectively. These speeches were given via skype on the internet.

On the second day, professor at Ege University and the Chairman of Uyghur Academy Prof. Dr. Alimjan Inayet gave a lecture on “the national struggle of Indians.” The Executive Chairman of Uyghur Academy and an expert of the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities Abdulhamit Karahan gave a lecture on “the national struggle of the Jews”. The faculty member at Beykent University and vice-chairman of Uyghur Academy Dr. Meghpiret Kamal gave a speech on “the national struggle of Bosnians.” In the end, the faculty member at Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University and Uyghur Academy council member Dr. Shevket Nasir made a speech on “the national struggle of the Kosovars.”

During the two-day program, 14 enthusiastic youths listened to the lectures on the international situation and the Uyghur issue and analyzed about the topic. They also learned from national and independent movements of Indians, Jews, Bosnians and Kosovars. Similar programs will be held continually and the details will be informed soon.

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