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Congratulatory Letter

The European Union Parliament has awarded Associate Professor Ilham Tohti, who is an economist in a Chinese prison with Sakharov Prize for free speech. The Uyghur Academy would like to congratulate Associate Professor Ilham Tohti for winning the prize.
Associate Professor Ilham Tohti is a hero who impressed the world with his determination and courage. Under the Chinese communist dictator regime, he courageously stood up and told the truth that millions of people couldn’t, which is worth celebrating. This shows that he is a responsible scholar. The EU Parliament has acknowledged the scholar’s courage for standing up for justice, which is also what the Uyghur people have been expecting. For this reason, the Uyghur Academy would like to thank the EU Parliament.
From the Uyghur Academy’s perspective, the Sakharov Prize is awarded to Associate Professor Ilham Tohti’s courage and his conscious. It also celebrates the Uyghur scholars’ and Uyghur people’s pursuit of justice.
There are hundreds of Uyghur scholars in East Turkistan who are in so-called “re-education camps,” going through a traumatic time. They also deserve to be celebrated. The Chinese government is violating its constitution and committing a crime against humanity. The Uyghur Academy calls the international community to remember and condemn the Chinese government for sentencing Associate Professor Ilham Tohti, Professor Tashpolat Teyip, and Professor Halmurat Ghopur to death sentences and demand their release.  Moreover, the international community should also demand the Chinese government to close the concentration camps and release millions of innocent people.
The Uyghur Academy
October 24, 2019

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