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Turkey realizes ‘One billion Chinese can’t be wrong’


Daily Sabah

The Culture and Tourism Ministry has initiated a new program of promotions targeting the Far eastern market, announcing its intention to recruit Chinese celebrities in its promotion campaigns, including world famous actor and producer Jackie Chan.

The actor was once promoted with the slogan “One billion Chinese can’t be wrong.” If the deal goes through, the ministry intends to hire Chan, one of the most popular Chinese celebrities, as Turkey’s cultural ambassador for the Far East.

The ministry also is planning to bring 10 large tourist convoys every month from China, with the aim of increasing annual arrivals from China from the current 200,000 to one million. The convoys will be taken to Istanbul, Göbeklitepe temple, Ephesus and Konya, the home of the Rumi Museum.

Source: https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2018/08/20/turkey-realizes-one-billion-chinese-cant-be-wrong

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